Love <3 = Happiness :-)


Love is powerful, love is great, and there is also different types of love. Love for your child, love for your significant other, love for your parents, love for your pets, love for your friends, love for that kind thing someone has done for you, and even love for the things we possess. We have so much love in this world when we choose to love everyone and everything. Love everyone and everyone will love you back. When you choose love you will find happiness.

So where are we going here with all this love. Think about love, think about something or someone you love and try not to smile… I know it’s impossible not to smile and just feel happy inside. Love and loving everything from your family to your things will bring happiness.

Happiness is a blessing, happiness is what all of us are striving for, and happiness is what gives all of us meaning and satisfaction in our lives. We are all in pursuit of happiness. Have more happiness in your life by loving everything.

Reading this by now you read love 21 times including this one. Think about what a great word this is and how powerful it is to say or read. Using the word love makes you better and it also makes you choose to make better decisions. Using love you can make a difference not just in yourself but in your friends and family too.

Heal anything with the word love. Imagine if you have a fight with your significant other just stop and tell them you love them in the sweetest way. You may just shock them and distract them from the fight you were having. The result could be instant love and then happiness. Imagine a person who just cut you off in traffic and the anger you feel, but now change that anger in to love, tell yourself out loud that you love that person and they are probably in a rush to save someone they love. This will change how you feel about the situation and it will make you feel better too. We all remember that saying “love thy neighbor” it’s the same thing but extended in to all aspects of life. Love your coworkers, love your friends, love all the bad things that happen to you, love all the good things, and just love everything you can imagine. Loving more everyday will bring more things for you to love. Think about the world and everything that happens to you or others as love, then love will equal happiness for you.

If you giggled just once reading my blog please follow it and giggle more next time 😊

Thank you for reading my blog about love.


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