Be a Kid, Find Happiness In Everything!


Ever thought about pretending to be like a kid? I think most of us have and I want to share why it can lead us all to finding happiness. All the simple things in life we take for granted, all the ways we forgot to have fun, all the things we did when we were kids were so exciting and brought all of us happiness. We used to play with a rock, we used to play in the sand, we used to throw a ball in the air and have the best time of our lives, we were happy.

What happened to all that joy? It disappeared, it went away and now our happiness depends on making more money, luxury cars, big houses, boats, fancy clothes, and new cell phones, all material things we didn’t have or need before. We’re all thinking about finding happiness in the wrong way.

Now let’s be kids again, I’m talking about young little babies. When you are just starting to see the world and learn about everything, it is so exciting! I noticed when our baby was inside a department store for the first time when she was six months old, she saw the store and couldn’t get enough of it, she smiled and giggled, and her eyes were bigger than her face. Our little girl had such a wonderful time, she loved the store and found happiness being there. Now imagine if we approached everything we did with such excitement and such joy, wouldn’t we be happy to do just about anything.

Let’s talk about work and how we can look at it, there are two ways the good and the bad. We can choose the good in this scenario and talk about the remarkable things that come from us working. We can go in to work and pretend like we are kids, everything is new and everything is exciting, pretend you are there for the first time. Get excited to be at work meet new people or just have different conversations with the same people. Start asking silly questions, start being playful, start enjoying the time at work and become happier.

We can apply acting like a kid to anything in life, we can just pretend we experience everything for the first time, we can go shopping and have fun, we can go to the doctor and have fun, we can drive to work and have fun, we can go to the gym and have fun, we can find happiness in everything we do.

If this blog inspired you to do one silly thing or you found a creative way to have fun please post a comment about your experience and share your story.

Follow this blog and share it, let’s inspire everyone to be happy.

Thank you for reading my blog about finding happiness like a kid.


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