Don’t Wait to Be Happy, Live Happy 😊 Now!

Just about all of us have this belief, we think that we must work hard for about thirty-five years and then retire and be happy. We enjoy life when we are kids and then we go to school, after school we go to work, and then we retire to enjoy happiness. Happiness seems so far away. What are we supposed to do? For the most part, we just live to work, we have daycare watch our family grow, and we seem to put ultimate happiness on hold until we retire.

Our way of life can be different we can enjoy happiness all the time. It’s never too late to take action towards living a happy life. We must decide starting today that we will be happy now. Change your state of mind to be happy. This is just the first part, deciding that you want to be happy will change how you see the world and this decision will ensure you act towards achieving happiness in your life.

Now that you have decided to be happy there are simple steps you must take. Identify what will make you happy. If your happiness depends on more time with your family then make that plan to spend more time with your family, If your happiness depends on making more money then make a plan of how much money you need and how to make it, if your happiness depends on your job then choose a career that will make you happy and plan how you will do it.

By planning your happiness goal, you will have something to work towards. This can ultimately motivate you in to action and achievement of your goal. Achievement of the goal is not your ultimate happiness destination but setting the goal is. Once you set a goal for your ultimate happiness that should be where you start living happy now. Once you discover your ultimate happiness goal it will change how you feel, it will motivate you, and it will lead you to living happy now.

A fantastic way to commit to your happiness goal is to write it down and set a date when you will achieve it. Please think of your ultimate happiness goal, and when you will achieve it, then write it down in the comments. This can be one way you inspire someone else and most importantly motivate yourself to achieve this ultimate happiness goal.

Thank you for reading my blog about Living Happy Now. Please follow my blog because there is so much more to living happy 😊

This blog is closely related to the book I just wrote, it will be released in August.  The Book 


  1. Tadas, this is extremely helpful and is definitely motivating and life changing. This is a tool and philosophy that even I have forgotten over the course of time. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.


  2. This is a great post. It seems we are so immersed in our daily hustle just trying to make a living and take care of our family, such that we actually forget what it means to live happy. Most times we equate success to happiness, yet deep down we are not really happy. I think it’s important to focus more time on doing those things we really love doing. That way, we will live a more fulfilled and happy life. Thank you so much Tadas.


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