Sleep Well, Be Happy 😊

We went to sleep too late because we stayed up watching some re-run of an old show. We set the alarm at 6AM for a meeting we must make early in the morning. Many of us do something like this quite often. Waking up after what felt like you just fell asleep feels terrible. It feels as if the entire world is crushing you and it’s hard to get out of bed. We’re not motivated at all, we have no desire to do anything but complain how hard life is, and we don’t even know how we made it out of the house clothed. I remember those days and promise myself that I don’t want to do that ever again.

There are alternatives to losing sleep. There are nights that you had the best sleep ever and you’re so ready to do anything, accomplish all your goals, and have time to do way more in your day. You love life, you love everything about your day, and you wish for every day to be like this. These are the days that you remember even better than they were, these days are when you had a breakthrough and realized you are on top of the world and anything is possible. You love your life on these days and you are the happiest you have ever been. After a day like this you realize how much better your life is and you want to pursue feeling this way. You start chasing this night the rest of your life that night where you had the best night sleep and woke up super happy.

Mostly all of us know what we must do to wake up motivated and happy. We must get that magic number of hours of sleep. Everyone is different but we know ourselves better than anyone else and we know how much sleep we need so we can wake up the happiest we have ever been. For me it’s 9 hours for you it may be 6 anyway find your magic number and wake up with determination, motivation, that can-do attitude, and most importantly that supper happy you.

So now you ask how can I get this magic number of sleep so I can feel awesome and super happy? It’s simple you must set your schedule to sleep. The best tip out there is to have a set bed time where you do it every day. Go to sleep at 10PM and Wake up at 6AM and you will have your super sleep every night. This is only an example you can do whatever you want but do it consistently every night. I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t stick to your schedule but you can always try 😊 to stick to it. Stimulants such as any energy drink or coffee can prevent you from sleeping at night but if you get proper sleep you won’t need them but if you do, try to drink them right when you get up just in case you need the extra boost.

Imagine a life where you feel full of energy, motivation and your super happy all the time. It is possible to do this every day. Now that you know what you must do, you have nothing to lose. Set a schedule for sleep and stick to it. See the results instantly, your mood will change, your perspective on life will change, you will accomplish so much more, and you will live another super happy day.

Try it out sleep well and be happy 😊

Please post a comment below or share your story about the best nights sleep you ever had and how you felt and maybe what you accomplished.

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