Do you Hate Your Job Especially on Mondays? Make It Fun and Be Happy 😊

Monday morning, this dreadful day after an awesome weekend. Who would have imagined that 52 times a year we must get up on Monday and go to work? Just the thought of working on Monday makes you feel sick to your stomach or maybe it was that drink during the Sunday night game but who cares, it’s the dreadful Monday morning. The start of a Monday is terrible from waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and even Monday traffic which always seems like it’s the worst on this day. So, this is about the worst vision that I have painted which accurately describes most of us on a Monday morning. I can sympathize with you how awful Mondays are but wait, there is a better way 😊

Every one of us chooses how to wake up and feel in the morning. We can wake up happy if we’re excited about the day ahead. We can change the state of our minds instantly if we have something fun planned for the day ahead. It is possible to wake up on a Monday morning get excited and ready for the day ahead. There is hope for all of us and we can change Monday mornings forever together.

Wake up excited to go to work on a Monday. Does this sound possible? Maybe not, but maybe you’re still unaware of how to make Mondays fun. We can make our Mondays fun at work and it’s not just about answering your emails creatively or telling your boss how you really feel unless you really like them and you have wonderful things to say. This is about doing something fun on Mondays. Bring something fun to work on Monday morning it can be as simple as a stuffed animal or something that you can place on your desk that can remind you of something fun. If you have something fun share it with your co-workers they will have fun and so will you.

To make our job fun at work we started bringing all kinds of stuffed animals. Now we have a stuffed animal every day of the week and then we change them out just to keep it fun and different. We created a stuffed animal zoo at work. As you can tell we have gone a little crazy in the picture above it’s a huge teddy bear and we call him Grey Boy. Its amazing to see the reactions people have after seeing this huge teddy bear. The bear makes for a short conversation about something different other than work and it makes it more fun to be at work. We have more people joining our concept of bringing something in and everyone does something different. We created a fun environment for everyone to enjoy and take a short break from every day work. We made work fun and it brought us all closer to finding our happy lives.

There are many ways to make your Mondays or any day more fun at work. If you think of something fun you do at work share it in the comments below and maybe you will inspire someone to make a change to be happy on Monday and everyday thereafter. 😊

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