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There are many times in a day when we forget to be happy. Those are the tough times that fall on us sometimes and we need a reminder to be happy. We donโ€™t always actively think about happiness and so we tend to forget it. We lose ourselves in the moment and we canโ€™t see any other way to be but upset. I believe most of us want to be happy all the time so how come it doesnโ€™t happen? Why are we losing control of our happiness? Do we simply forget to be happy?

There is a trick to feeling happy all the time! We just need to remind ourselves to be happy. We can do these many ways but there is something that can work for all of us and we donโ€™t have to think about it. Can you imagine a secret way to being happy all the time? What if all you had to do is make a small investment and then watch it flourish in to something that you have never imagined? OK, Iโ€™m just selling the idea here but it is so true you can make a small investment and remind yourself to be happy forever.

Now after all this anticipation and selling this idea we are here. The secret is to get a picture, poster, or home-made artwork which will inspire happiness. You can create or buy a poster that has something to do with happiness or just being awesome. You can do whatever motivates you and then place those pictures or posters everywhere you can imagine. Place the pictures so you can see them all the time when you wake up, when you cook, when youโ€™re watching TV, when youโ€™re leaving the house, in your car, and at work. You can get very creative and if you donโ€™t want people to know what youโ€™re doing you can even create subliminal messages in them, you know the one where you donโ€™t canโ€™t tell what itโ€™s saying but your mind does. No one will know what you are doing but you will, and it will remind you to be happy especially in those tough moments.

The pictures I shared here are the ways I remind myself to just be happy and awesome. I see the pictures all the time and most of the time when I read them I just smile. The picture of wake up and be awesome right next to the bed and then again, a towel in the bathroom. I feel that repetition is key and it does help me remember to do something awesome every day. This idea seems to work for me and those pictures have multiplied in our home. This idea of posting pictures to remind yourself to be happy is like using a vision board but for your mood.

I hope I helped inspire you to remind yourself to be happy. Itโ€™s easy to forget being happy but you can now work to remember it and succeed. Implementing either happy words or subliminal messages in your life could lead you to being happier and hey maybe it will also remind everyone else around you to be happier too ๐Ÿ˜Š

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