Moderation Equals Happiness 😊

What does eating healthy have to do with happiness?  I love wings and beer with chips and my cheese dip, it makes me so happy to enjoy the game and eat delicious food. I don’t love what comes after but I’m not thinking about the heart burn and you know those terrible number twos while I’m enjoying the food I love. I can pop a few tums and maybe feel better.  I live life in the moment and I’m enjoying it right now. I’m not thinking about being uncomfortable in my clothes and the shame I have. We have a movement now it’s all about accepting yourself but I really don’t know if I can accept these jeans, they don’t fit. I’m Happy now and I’m living in the moment and I don’t care how I feel tomorrow.

Hey maybe I have gone too far but some of us have thought this way before, maybe not you but it could be someone you know. Wouldn’t life be great if we could just have fun, enjoy the food we love, and drink an adult beverage without the side effects? Anything is possible in this world and we can do anything we want to make it fun for us and live ultimately happy. We have created the best tasting food and drinks but we never learned to control ourselves. Once we see a burger we finish it, we see fries we eat the whole plate, wings, bring them by the bucket loads, beer, lets drink a pitcher, I suppose we have lost control.

There is hope in this life and its very simple. We must learn how to properly control our portions. We must be self-conscious of what we eat and how much we eat of it. We can just sample the things we love, this will ensure we still enjoy the things we learned to love without depriving ourselves. Three wings, half a burger, a few fries, a few chips, topped off with an ice cold adult beverage could be all you need. We can moderate what we eat and we can enjoy everything without the negative side effects if we control our portions.

All of this sounds great but what if I’m still hungry? I’m used to so much more food. I will starve to death if I don’t eat as much. What am I going to do? There are solutions for all problems. So, the reason why we want to eat these tasty foods are because we are biologically programed to love sugar and fat so we can survive. In the caveman days, we could eat five pounds of food and live for 3 weeks with only the need of water. Now we can eat 5 pounds of food every day and keep storing it. The solution is to eat food that fills us up. The most filling food is the food that contains high fiber content. Many vegetables that have not been fried are a great source of fiber. Another solution is to eat high water content food, since our bodies are made of mostly water, that is what we need to eat. Vegetables and fruit are high water content food which will help you consume lots of water while you eat them. These foods will ensure you are always feeling full and moving closer to a healthier life.

Here is the silver lining. You can enjoy everything you already eat. The only thing you must do is moderate how much you eat of the things you love. The best part about this if you eat healthy foods with high fiber and high-water content you will feel full and you won’t have to over eat the unhealthy foods. I want to leave you with this, if you love chocolate and you want to enjoy it, just buy those bags of mini sized bars of your favorite chocolate. Enjoy one piece every day to satisfy your cravings and you don’t have to feel guilty about it 😊

Moderate what you eat. Eat anything you want. Enjoy the benefits of living healthier and live ultimately happier.

Thank you for reading my blog about eating healthy and being happy 😊

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  1. Great article Tadas. Thank you for sharing. I completely agree with you. Eating healthy is an integral part of happiness, and so is getting enough sleep. When we sacrifice these two, it creates a chain reaction and we lose focus of our priorities in life. People value different things. Some of us value money, time off, among others. The fact of the matter is we cannot enjoy any of these things if we are not happy, hence to your point, eating healthy is a key ingredient for happiness. Whether it’s at work or any other place, we should not empower people to have that power over us to rob us of our happiness. We are in control of our destiny. The main thing is to be healthy, and then everything follows…


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