Fix Everything and be Happy πŸ˜Š

We tend to throw away everything we use today. We have one time uses for many things in life. Everything in the world we use today can be replaced. All the material things are made to last so long and then just tossed in the garbage. It seems that we are being taught to replace everything if it broke or it doesn’t work anymore. The entire world is learning the same thing and we are all doing this, we just replace everything. We replace our phones, appliances, cars, homes, and even relationships. What happened to actually fixing things, what happen to repairing something and taking pride in that?

The world has only so many resources. If we don’t fix anything we will eventually run out of resources to make new stuff. Saving the planet must be number one priority for all of us. If we repair the things that break, this will help the world but it will also help you. It will help you knowing that you are a little part who contributes to the health of the planet and the future of this civilization. It will make you happy knowing that you contributed to help save earth. 😊

Fixing material possessions is only one half of it. What about taking pride in the things you own. If you want to be ultimately happy you must be happy with what you already have. Now imagine your first car you have ever bought, it probably wasn’t your dream car but you remember it and you remember all the fun times you had in it. What if you repaired that first car and you still owned it? What would that be like? It’s like a long term relationship its more special and you have a long history which leads you to even more happiness. Repair your car, your phone, your refrigerator, your clothes, your glasses, and anything else you own. This will lead you to respecting the things you own more and enjoying them more which will lead to happiness.

Fixing relationships is very crucial. Imagine if we worked as hard to keep a relationship rather than looking for a new one. Everything can be fixed people do change and the bond in the relationship is stronger when we repair something. Just an example but a broken bone heals stronger at the fracture, a weld joint in metal is strongest at the weld, a piece of wood glued is also strongest at the joint. Fixing makes everything stronger in nature and in man-made materials. The world, all the things in it, and especially our relationships can be much stronger if we just fix them. Stronger relationships and pride of ownership in your items will lead you to ultimately happier lives.

Imagine how much happier and healthier everyone in the world would be if we all repaired everything. Since everything can be fixed, why don’t we work harder to fix everything. Be happy with all your possessions. Repair them when they break also repair your relationships when they appear to start breaking. You will help build a stronger bond with your possessions and especially in your relationships, which will lead you to finding your ultimate happiness.Β  Fix everything and be happy.

Thank you for reading my blog about fixing everything and building stronger bonds which lead to ultimately happier lives.

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