Choose your friends wisely and be Happy😊

“”Even if you cannot change all the people around you, you can change the people you choose to be around. Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you. Spend your life with people who make you smile, laugh, and feel loved.” ~Roy T. Bennett~

All of us have friends that may not be the best for us but we need them some times more than we know. No matter how your friends’ personality is whether they support your ideas or they don’t they are still your friends. Sometimes it’s hard to hold a conversation with someone who disagrees with you but it could be one of the best conversations you ever had. Even if at the time you think that there may be no respect, appreciation, or value and you should stop wasting your time.

Imagine a world where everyone agrees with everyone. Yes I’m talking about people who are YES men and YES women. They always agree and they always please you. Think about how the world would be if no one challenged anyone. It could be boring, there will be no growth or thought-provoking conversations where new and great ideas come from. We would probably be stuck in the Stone-Age barely surviving. OK I take it too far sometimes but that’s just for the shock value 🙂

We all have ideas and sometimes we don’t have friends that support them. Getting rid of your friends isn’t the solution but choosing who you share certain ideas can be. So here is my take on it. If someone in your circle of friends disagrees with your ideas remember that and don’t repeat the same mistakes. It may take some time to figure who likes and shares your passion and then bring those ideas to those friends.

All of us have strong values about something. I personally used to get upset when people told me that raising global happiness is impossible and there is no way to measure that even when I succeed. I took that to heart and defended my theory how it’s possible to make this earth happier for all of us. At the time I felt that these are the people I should not have anything to do with but now the same people who doubted me are respecting me more because of the initiatives I’m taking and they are willing to help.

I love this quote mentioned above and it’s very true but people do change every day and if you drop all of your friends you will have no one. As for the people who don’t respect you dump them like trash and move on with life and live Happy  😊

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  1. It is often said that the friends you keep is a reflection of who you are. Let’s also remember that it goes beyond us and can impact on our family and even colleagues. It’s important to choose friends that can positively and constructively relate with our interests, so we can mutually be inspired to greater achievements and happiness.


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