3 Rules To Live Happy

Living your life in a constant rush without any breaks is wearing us down. We are sleeping less, spending time with family less, and working more. Life seems to be all about work, we just live to pay our bills and work to afford to live. I can’t imagine going at this pace the rest of my life. So, how can we fix this? We can there is a solution and it’s all about having the perfect balance.

Imagine a world where all of us slept 8 hours worked 8 hours and spent 8 hours with our families and friends every day. Life would be more enjoyable, the need for caffeine would decrease, our personal lives would be more fun, we would probably have more friends outside of work, and our overall happiness levels would increase. I can imagine living this way and I’m sure most of us want this. So, here are 3 ways to start living happier.


First you must make up your schedule and plan out mostly everything and account for any hiccups. Having a set schedule when you go to sleep, wake up, go to work, leave work, and schedule recreational activities, will help you keep on track of your activities and remind you to do the fun stuff too. By having a plan you allow yourself to do all the activities for the allotted time and give yourself permission to do them especially the fun ones.


Second you must commit to your plans. Remember work issues will never go away and staying longer one day will not change anything. The best tip for work is to plan what you must do and stick to the plan, less socializing, more delegating, having only value added meetings, smart emails, doing your homework will reduce time spent working. Working more is overrated, adding value for the work you do is recognized. So, work less and play more. Sleeping is another one, most of us stay up late to watch a show, game, or movie and we want to finish it before we go to sleep. If your schedule is to sleep at 9PM and your show is on at 10PM watch it the next day. Easy solution can be to record it or watch it on demand. Now for the fun stuff, also stick to your schedule and do it often. Having fun with your friends at work can be a great way to spend your lunch. Currently, my co-workers and I are combining working out and having fun. We have a blast for one hour during lunch doing Dips and Pull-ups. We have a great time and feel refreshed after the work out. Get creative to have fun anytime during work, after work, or while working. Schedule your time to do everything and commit to that time every hour and then every day 🙂


Third is to be grateful for everything in your life all of the time. Be happy for every opportunity, for every meeting, for every awkward situation, for school work, for ice-cream, for love, for pain, and for your beat up old car because all those things are possible and you are here now to enjoy them. All because you exist. Be Happy! 🙂

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