Money! Yes it can lead to Happiness :)

So, there is all this stigma with money and all the statements that we hear… money is the root of all evil, more money more problems, money doesn’t buy happiness, and so on. Money is not the root of all evil and money doesn’t create more problems. More money just gives you more options so if you’re a good person and you want to do good with money you will. If you’re already bad you may make more bad decisions with more money. So whatever you are money will only magnify your happiness or the alternative.

So, how can you ensure money leads you to happiness? You must find happiness before your money comes in. Find your passion and work towards what makes you happy. If you are happy and then you are rewarded for it, in the long term that’s just a bonus. Imagine your business, whatever it may be, finally succeeded, and you were rewarded financially. One benefit is, if you love what you are doing and you’re already happy, money will help you share your happiness and spread it much further rather than if you didn’t have any money. Think about all the good you could do, you can help many more people, you can affect multiple individuals. Money can help you and your friends become happier 🙂

Change your belief about Money. Money is good and it can affect everyone around you. It can help all of your friends and family. As soon as you change your thoughts about money, you will start receiving it. The law of attraction will work for you and it will reward you with tons of money, so in turn you can retire sooner, have more time with family, enjoy all of your dream vacations and travel in style.

Money does help make you happier it will also help create a better life for you and your family. Once you have enough money, your money will work for you and you will reap the rewards of money. Happiness and money goes hand in hand. First find happiness within and money will magnify it exponentially.

Money is great, so invite it to your life, tell it you love it, and you want it to be a part of your life. Say it out-loud “I love money and I welcome you in my life.” Stop living life lacking, start living a life full of abundance and be Happy 🙂

Write a love letter to money and what it means to you. Then read it and see the changes in your fiances.

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