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I wrote this book with a vision in mind that anything is possible and it can be fun. I remember setting a goal for myself one day to graduate from college with an Industrial Engineering degree. Before I set this goal I did my research and spoke to many people about it. Everything I heard about college, working full time, and having a personal life is practically impossible. From what I heard about school, how hard it would be, it seemed that once I set my goal to graduate I would be miserable the entire time until I graduated. That seemed terrible at the time, 4 years down the drain to receive a piece of paper.

So, by now this is in the past, I accomplished this goal. I felt that the goal was driving me and all the misery I felt at the time, it will be worth it, once I achieved this massive 4 year goal. When I graduated there was a rush of happiness but my happy time didn’t last that long. The usual, a graduation party and then back to regular life. I just set another goal to find a job and then started to work. Then set another goal to work hard in my job and get recognized so I can get promoted. I also set another goal to earn my masters degree.I’ve gone goal setting crazy.

Life is literally one goal after another, all designed to reach retirement and then finally earn the right to be happy. We set goals to learn how to ride a bicycle, spell words correctly (I’m still learning that one),  go to school, then graduate from school, find love, get married, buy a house, have kids, get the best paying job, then another better paying job, and then retire. That is a long way to retirement and ultimate happiness.

I realized this after I graduated, what if I lived my life as one big happy adventure everyday. What if I decided to go against the grain and prove everyone wrong who told me that I had to work hard, study harder, have no social life, and most certainly be miserable all the time until I graduate. What if I had a blast going to College, worked, and studied but had fun all the time. The entire process could have been a dream come true. I love learning new things, I love socializing, I love meeting new people, and of course I loved being happy most of the time 🙂 The experiences I could have had in college could have been so great, so memorable, and just a happy time. Unfortunately it wasn’t, it was always hard work, school, homework, and little sleep.

So, this is what inspired me to write a goal setting book so I can help everyone who reads it to find their Ultimate Happiness. In this book I share my experiences and what I did to make everything fun now. I realized this after graduation and I wrote the book to show each reader that life is about happiness if you set the right goals and you enjoy the process. This book is to inspire everyone to find their passion and set ultimate happiness goals, most importantly have fun while reaching them, and tips to get through the tough times in order to achieve your goals.

I have been so happy in the last 5 years that I wanted to share what brought me happiness in this book SET PLAN COMMIT Accomplish Your Ultimate Happiness Goals.

Here is a short introduction to the book.


There are many obstacles that life throws our way and many more challenges that we must face every day which hinder our ability to set goals, plan, and actually accomplish them. This book is for someone who wants to find out what they really want out of life. It is here to provide helpful information that will assist everyone in accomplishing all of their goals. This is for people who want to lose weight, gain weight, get out of debt, become a doctor, get a promotion, buy a house, pay off a car loan, quit a bad habit, become employee of the year, find your purpose in life, become happier, or anything in life that requires planning, motivation, and execution. This book applies to anyone who has a goal and if you don’t have one yet, this book will help you set new goals and accomplish them. It is written by me to show everyone who reads this book how simple everything can be, even if you have challenges along the way. You can accomplish anything you want if you plan, prepare for the future, have a positive attitude, and persevere. If you think that life is hard this book is for you.

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Thank you for reading my blog about my new book Set Plan Commit Accomplish Your Ultimate Happiness Goals.

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