Waking up Motivated doesn’t happen every day: Make the best of it and be Happy

Being positive and motivated all the time. Wow how awesome would that be? We would pretty much get everything done and have time to do more every day, just imagine the possibilities. Life for you and everyone around you would be super-duper fantastic. OK, maybe it wouldn’t be so great after all. Everyone wants to be motivated and happy but not all the time.  That would probably just burn you out and you would just get tired of life. It would get boring, same thing over and over again every day for the rest of your life.

Now on to the best part for us all about not being motivated every day. Every one of us crave variety in life and that is what makes it fun and exciting. We want to experience every part of life and discover ourselves in every situation, whether it’s good or bad. We are not robots we want to experience as much a possible about it. So next time you feel sad or upset about something when you get up n the morning cheer yourself up by literally screaming at the top of your lungs that “I’m so happy I’m not a robot and I have a life full of variety, and I love my life.” OK, I’m just trying to get a smile out of you J

I personally have many bad days, lacking motivation, just plain sad for no reason at all, angry at nothing, frustrated about something, worried, or just feeling like there is no purpose at all to anything. Some days are worse than others but as I’m learning more about myself and how I personally work I cope with it and feel better. Some of the things I do to feel better:

I call a friend and just talk about all the good times.

I talk to my wife about everything that is going great for us.

I watch silly videos on YouTube.

I hug my daughter and thank the universe for how awesome she is.

I literally write down everything good that has happened to me.

I go for a walk and clear my mind.

I think of anything positive that can come out of my negative feeling at the moment.

I listen to happy songs, mostly from the 60s.

I watch a funny movie.

I watch standup comedy.

I just appreciate the fact that I’m not a robot 🙂

So, be happy you are human and you have feelings. They can’t always be good but remember they can’t always be bad forever either. Ill leave you with this quote from Winston Churchill in the hopes to inspire you to get through anything and any bad emotion.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~Winston Churchill~

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