6 Tips to Reduce Stress and Become Happier

Most of us want happiness and we want to find out ways how to be happier. Here are 6 helpful tips that help me reduce stress in my life. I just want to share this with you and see if I can help.

#1 Eliminate Clutter / Get Organized

By eliminating all the clutter you will be free to make decisions quickly and find all of your items fast.

#2 Turn of Notifications

By turning off all of your notifications for emails, messages, and all the social media feeds you will be less distracted and in turn less stressed.

#3 Clear Your Mind

By getting everything of your shoulders you will free yourself from stress. Venting helps πŸ™‚

#4 Stop Procrastinating

By completing all the tasks you need quickly you will reduce the stress of having to do it later.

#5 Consume Less Caffeine

By reducing all the unnecessary stimulants you will be able to slow down make better decisions and sleep better at night which will reduce stress.

#6 Relax

Find a few minutes every day to focus on yourself and collect your thoughts.

Thank you for reading my blog about reducing stress πŸ™‚

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