Attitude Is Everything!

I want to share my thoughts on the importance of having the right attitude. I consider myself average on just about every level, sports, school, work, and of course beer pong. Even with my average abilities I have been fortunate enough to succeed beyond my own expectations at almost anything I try.

So the secret here is my attitude. I have an overly optimistic attitude about everything. I truly mean it, my glass is almost always half full and anything is possible in my mind. This has helped me propel my career to the next level, I wrote a book and published it, and my next goal is to make the entire word population happier, that one is a stretch goal 🙂 I have these goals that some think it’s a joke but I know its real and my attitude will help me accomplish them, at least that’s what I believe 🙂

The right attitude is truly what will make us all succeed at anything. This is not about I think I can, I think I can positive thinking that will make you the best at anything you desire. This right attitude is about thinking that you can and then doing everything in your power to achieve it. Thinking you can is a part of it, then believing you can, and then executing the necessary actions it takes to get it done.

If you truly have the right attitude anything will be possible.

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life I’m just sharing my ideas. If you like them use them but if you don’t please share yours in the comments below. I love to learn and anything new I can learn, I will.

Thank you for reading my blog about having the right attitude 🙂

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