Be More Open, Be Happier

Most of us are very closed minded and we’re not willing to change our beliefs about anything. We have been through experiences in our lives and that’s what shaped us in to who we are. Some of us have similar experience and some of us don’t. The people with similar backgrounds relate and build of each other. Then there are times when we meet someone with different experiences and different ideas. The conversations are heated and the debates literally go nowhere. I used to be the same way. I believe in the happiness movement and I’ll defend it with everything I have but that definitely never got anything accomplished.

I have finally learned my lesson after many challenging debates. I understand more now than ever before. I’m so open to all ideas now and I completely understand why someone thinks one way and why they are set in their ways. This helps me understand that our lives can’t be happy this and happy that always100% of the time. We all have our moments, I know I do. I am now just more aware of my emotions and I can control them better. Life isn’t perfect but I do make the best of the times that are close to it.

So, the blog is about being open to everything. The point to this blog is that we should all be aware of each other’s background and ideas. Since we are all different remember to hear the person out before you challenge them. Always listen and understand first, then tell your story and relate.

The more we understand each other the happier we will become. Love life and be happy.

Thank you for reading my blog about being more open.

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