Whale Done!

I am so disconnected from what’s happening in the world it’s insane. I choose to ignore all bad news and just live in my happy bubble 🙂 . I have been doing this since I read this book called Whale Done. The simple explanation for the book is to basically ignore the bad and reward the good behavior to teach that good behavior is rewarding. The book is about training killer whales and of course you can’t punish them  because they will probably eat you. So they reward the killer whales when they do something good and instead of punishing them when they don’t, they just redirect attention back the the good. Anyway if we want all the negative behaviors or news around the world not to be a big deal just ignore it and redirect it toward something positive. This can be applied to everything in life. This book inspired me to live a better life and I use what I learned in it to help me become a better person and lead others in a positive manner.

Live happy 😊

Molly Loves the book!

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