Turn all that bad stress in to good stress and be happy 😊 

Being bussy is an understatement for what’s going on with me in the last few months. I’ve been so stressed, but I’m turning it around and making the best of it. 

It all started with my work announcing closure of the manufacturing plant at the end of 2017. This Of course created stress but when one door closes another one opens. So I’ve been looking and interviewing for many new opportunities. For the job I didn’t get, I took each interview as a learning experience and prepared myself for the next one. Loooking for work can be stressful but if you don’t give up you will find a better job. So here I am, I found my dream job and I can’t wait to get started.  

Ok ok it’s not that simple my new job is quite far away and more stress is around the corner. Now I have to relocate. It’s not that bad it’s about 70 miles from where I live now. Finding a home seems like fun and it is but also it’s stressful especially in the market right now. Prices of homes have gone up tremendously. So the last few weekends we have been looking for a home and we found one. Stress is over for this task but then new stress for the buying process and the inspections and financing and what ever else comes up. Still going through that. 

We found a house to buy but now we have to sell our home. We just moved in to this house last year. We completely renovated and made it in to an awesome place to live. The stress of selling the home is even worse than buying. Cleaning up and then listing and then all the showings for the house. It’s all stressful. We’re at day 2 of listing and we already had 7 showings. 

On top of all this my trusty old jeep broke down on me last week. The water pump failed. Antifreeze was everywhere and stress ridden panic set in.

All this stress is bad. But you can always turn it in to good stress. I have been looking at the positive side of everything that has been going on. Trying to keep my self happy 😊 of course. So this is what I did to keep my sanity. 

When my job said they are closing I was taking it as an opportunity to find a better job. I always wanted to be a manager. So I set out for myself to apply to all the jobs with a manager role. I kept it positive and always expected to get it. This also forced me in to taking action to get the job I wanted. I updated my resume and pollished up my interview skills. All this wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t forced to do it. Now I’m in a much better place where I was only a few months ago. I turned all of this into positive stress and remained happy during the process of getting a new job 😊

Buying a new home is stressful but it can also be good stress. My new job allowed me to look for a new place closer to work. I used the opportunity to find an awesome home and create good stress. So the home we are buying now is in terrible condition and it needs a ton of work. I love fixing things so its actually an opportunity for us to make it in to our dream home. Now we are excited about the potential of the new home and it’s all turning into good stress which is making me more excited about the whole buying a house process. 

Selling your home is stressful but it’s moving so quickly for us it’s fun and exciting. Our home is in the top shape to be sold and for top dollar. While it’s all stressful to sell the house I’m just thinking about how fast it will sell and it will be over in a few weeks. The positive outlook I have about the sale is creating more good stress in my life which makes me happy 😊 

My trusty Jeep breaking isn’t that stressful anymore. I look at it as an exciting opportunity to learn more about my 21 year old Jeep and of course fix it. The bad stress went away as soon as I bought a new water pump and then replaced it in a few hours. It was a learning experience and it felt really rewarding to replace this part. It only cost about $50 to fix and now my Jeep will keep going for many more miles. This is good stress and the feeling of accomplishment makes me happy 😊 

I’m sharing this becuse I had so many different things happen all at once but I was able to stay optimistic and come out on top of it all in a better position than I was before. Any situation can be turned into a positive experience as long as YOU make it positive. 

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ 


  1. Sometimes it is very hard to be optimistic, but it helps a lot to be able to do that! Keep it up! Lots of good things going on in life and it is always good to be alive!


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