21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Just listened to this audio book on the way to work and wanted to share it. The program is only about an hour long but it has some of the best tips to basically become a millionaire. Below is just a summary for review but I do recommend listening to the entire program.

Dream big 

Setting high goals will ensure you are reaching for the stars and will help you make decisions to reach those high goals.

Set clear goals 

Setting clear goals and understanding exactly what you want will help you make the plan to start executing and focusing on what you really need to do.

Have a self-employed mentality

Pretend like you are always working for yourself and put in the extra effort needed to accomplish anything you set out to do.

Love what you are doing

If you love what you are doing you will succeed and love the entire process.

Be the best at what you do

Always go the extra mile and be the best at everything you set out to do.

Work really really hard

Just when you are about to give up keep going and work harder.

Commit yourself to lifelong learning

Always learn and grow, if you stop learning you will stop growing.

Pay yourself first

Always take a set percentage of your income and invest it.

Be frugal and don’t waste money

Make smart buying decisions, always think about what you really need.

Be a servant and serve other people

Always help other people without the expectation to receive anything in return. You will be rewarded in mysterious ways if you are always giving.

Be honest with yourself and others

Your integrity is the most important. Always do what you say and say what you do.


Set priorities on your activities and conquer them one at a time.

Develop a reputation for speed

When something is on your mind or you were asked to do something its best to just get it done right away. Have a very high sense of urgency for every task you need to do.


Have a plan and plan ahead. Have a 1,3,5 year plan and then plan for the long haul and don’t get caught up in the daily cycles of ups and downs. Always remember the long term plans and strive for those.

Practice self-discipline in all things

Be self-discipline if you said you will do something at a certain time commit to doing it all the time and do not deviate. 

Unlock your in born creativity

Think of ways to be creative and apply your creativity to everything you do. We are all equally gifted with a brain that is capable of anything.

Have great friends

Get around other good people and help them first without expectation of receiving anything in return and it will turn into good things because that’s just how the universe works. 

Be healthy

Set a goal to live a long and healthy life. 

Be decisive and action oriented.

Think of one action that could give you the most benefit possible and take action at the moment to ensure you get the greatest benefit of it and now.

Never consider failure

Successful millionaires are not gamblers but they are willing to take a calculated risk for a greater reward.

Be Persistent

Commit to your plan and never give up 😊

Please remember that success is predictable and if you practice the above you will be much closer to succeeding in anything you ever try.


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