Let it go and be happy 😊

There were times of anger that all of us had in the past. It’s a confrontation or a misunderstanding of some sort which led to confusion and anger. After the incident we stew on it and replay the situation in our heads over and over about how much better we could have handled it. We mostly think about how we could have responded better to be right or get one up on the other person. This situation is definitely unhealthy and really it doesn’t help our happiness it only brings us down and boils our blood for a while which is pretty much a waste of time because nothing will change in the confrontation from before.

But wait there’s a better way to live…

Here is a quote that I loved when I read it.

“Everytime you get upset at something, ask yourself if you were to die tomorrow, was it worth wasting your time being angry?” ~Robert Tew~

If you remember this quote and live life without wasting time being angry would we all just be happier? I think so! We all have so much joy and happiness to share so let go of the past and live in the preset enjoying every moment which comes our way.

One lesson I learned since applying this myself is that it changes your entire life for the better. I feel better and my stress is gone. There are times when I get upset but I do recognize those moments and let them go. So next time something happens which doesn’t go your way just let it be and go back to being happy 😃

Examples we can all use this on… ok ok it’s only one example.

Anything and everything in life that happens beyond your control, if you can’t do anything about it just let it go 🙂

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