The Positivity Challenge

I’m on a flight to Chicago from Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m just sitting on the runway after a few hour delay already and now this! The captain just said we can’t take off because O’Hare is shut down due to the weather. So now we get to spend an undisclosed amount of time on this plane until we are cleared to take off. Today’s date is 2-20-2019 just for record keeping.

I had a thought about writing because an Idea jumped in my head. This is why I had an idea. I saw a few looks on some people’s faces that show how upset 😡 they are with this delay and some are voicing their opinion out loud about how much this sucks. So I’m very tempted to help the best way I know how. I start to blog about it. Just Incase another flight is delayed in the future and someone wants help they can find this blog and hopefully it helps them.

So this idea came to me and it’s to write a blog about a positivity challenge. This challenge is Just 21 days of turning every situation no matter how bad it is in to a positive situation. I’m stuck on this plane so day one for me is to use this time to generate ideas for my blog and start working on it. I want to write until we land in Chicago and we’ll see how far ill get because my goal is to publish when I land. Beware more mistakes could be made since I’m not proof reading and English was my least favorite class next to Math. I don’t even know how I ended up being an engineer. I loved psychology and self development!

Back on track…

Step one for this blog not the positivity challenge. Start of with a quote this blog can relate to.

Drum roll please…

 “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ~Charles R. Swindol~

This is my favorite quote, it’s how I live my life.  Every time something happens I pause and think. This is something new to me I started to think! Currently we’re at a 3 hour delay and for the first hour I caught up with my work emails and followed up on somethings for my next trip to India. Yeah I get to go to India 🇮🇳 Now on the plane I’m writing this blog. I took a few minutes to gather my thoughts and here we are. Just to clarify my reaction to a flight delay turns in to productivity for my blog and my job. This is very positive. 🙂

The 21 day Positivity Challenge to a more positive you starts now!

Here are the rules and it only has 3 steps!

Step 1

You have to do this for the next 21 days straight or start over. No excuses! I need your full commitment!

Step 2

At least one time in a day when something bad happens think about something positive that could come out of it and do it! If there is nothing to do about it forget it and move on. For me, I couldn’t do anything about it so I changed what I could do with my time and it was this idea for this blog. Now we are literally taking of as I’m typing this and our 3 hour delay was fun for me.

Step 3

Repeat step 1 and step 2 until you make it a habit for 21 days as I mentioned above 🙂 Once you make it a habit and keep your reactions positive amazing things will start happening. You will have better relationships with everyone you come in contact with, more opportunities will come your way in the form of personal growth, finances, and opportunities you have always dreamed of will be heading your way as soon as you start being positive.

Try being positive and see for yourself. What you believe will happen so believe!

On this trip

Will got a new Lama 🦙

Molly got a pink piggy 🐷

Colleen got the most awesome coasters!

I got a souvenir cup

Me working on this blog super happy 😊

I had to throw this one in because I had a Vanilla ice cream 🍨 with candied bacon 🥓 and a chocolate chip bacon cookie (That was a first for me ever)

Im done with the blog. The flight is almost over and I still have a report to finish.

Thank you for reading. I really hope I can help you think more positive if something happens to you that is undesirable.

World 🌎 peace

Follow this blog! Just like the other 5 hundred million other happy people do 😉

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