The Positivity Challenge Day 2

Today’s date is 2-21-2019 and I’m so busy. I can complain about that but I’m on this challenge so I must be positive. Instead of telling you about all the stuff I have to do at work I want to share this blog with you about how my commitment to being positive is going to help me complete this blog.


In 3 simple steps here is the secret to finding a way to accomplish a task.


I love the Quote “Do it Now!” ~W. Clement Stone~ It means to do it if it’s on your mind ASAP but that’s not the secret to accomplish a task it’s a great start tho…


On to the 3 step method….


Step 1 Be Grateful

I am grateful for the things that I get to do to be busy and the position I have. I really appreciate the chance my organization has  given me. My goal is to exceed my expectations every day and give it 100%. Thank you for the challenging opportunities so I can add value and accomplish meaningful work which I love doing.

This helps me place myself in a positive state of mind, feel appreciated, and valuable.

In short I’m thankful to be busy and I feel valued so I’m personally motivated to get more done. Anyway that’s me and it works for me and maybe something like this can work for you so try it out 🙂


Step 2 Ask yourself How?


This is the real secret sauce here…


Ask yourself empowering questions.

I ask myself better questions and how I can get myself to complete something today that will ultimately get me closer to my dream. Which of course you all know because you have read my book so I don’t need to repeat it here.


Here is my example…


How can I work on my blog to inspire someone who needs more time to do something they love?


The answer I gave my self is…


Work on it during your lunch and take 30 minutes to share how more time is available even when you think your too busy.

Answering my own question helped me get more motivated and finish this blog.

Step 3 Do it now!!!

As soon as you have your answer act on it as soon as possible.

So I’m done for today.

Here is a picture Colleen sent me when she used the new coffee mug and her coasters 🙂

I think she loves them ❤


Will loved his Lama, he’s eating it right now lol

Molly Loved her piggy. I love her hair right now. 

Thank you for reading.

World Peace

Follow this blog! Just like the other 5 hundred million and 1 other happy people do 😉

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