The Positivity Challenge Day 3

Just for the record it’s 2-22-2019 I’m up at 3AM to get a quick workout in before the day begins. The workout is my routine to get me all pumped up for the day. I have to do something different from the usual so I got up 2 hours early to have time in my day to complete all my tasks.

Last night I knew my challenges for today and I decided at that moment to make today special. I decided to have a great day! I made sure I get my usual routine in before my day starts so I’m in my happy šŸ˜Š groove all day.

Not to break the cycle of the 3 step method in the previous 2 days I want to share the 3 steps to a more positive you today even if your routine changes.

Step 1 Embrace the change

There is nothing in this world which ever stays the same even the sun rises at a different time every day. Accept what is happening and embrace the change in your routine. This can break up the monotony of life and help you have a different perspective in your day to do something different.

Step 2 Think of the benefits

A change in your routine can inspire you to think different and maybe have a breakthrough thought šŸ’­ or an idea šŸ’” which could change your life. A great way to think differently is doing something different. Use this to your advantage and accomplish more than you thought possible.

My own personal breakthrough happened just now and I realized that I need help to run my business. The next step in my business plan is to hire a consultant to help establish the brand and refine the mission and vision. I have a goal in mind but now I need to work on my plan.

Step 3 Take action!

When you have a breakthrough take immediate action towards your goal even if it’s as simple as taking out the trash, get it over with. My action is to schedule a time and commit to researching and finding a consultant to help me. It will be today!

I wrote this at 3AM today and edited in the afternoon because I don’t think I was all that awake when I wrote it.

Next time there is a change make it a unique and an inspiring day. You never know what new idea you could have because of the change so have fun with it and be positive šŸ™‚

Love ā¤ļø and world šŸŒŽ peace āœŒļø

Follow my blog like the other 5 hundred million and 2 people already do, and change the world one positive thought at a time šŸ˜‰

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