The Positivity Challenge Day 5

It’s Sunday for some it’s a day to rest. For me it’s a day to work on the honey do list! It’s funny becuse I created it and I keep adding to it. I have a ton to do today so I’m up early as usual 4:40AM to get my workout in and to prepare for this blog.

Last night I created an action list for myslef it went something like this, Ok it was exactly this…

Install the remainder of the flooring in the basement about 700sf.

Spend quality time with the kids.

Make Breakfast.

Take out all the trash there’s a lot trust me I need to put this on a list with a sub list 😉 list.

Clean up the garage, more trash stuff

Return a red box movie 🎥 and get another one.

Help prepare meals for the week.

Spend quality time with my wife 🙂

Pack for my trip to Memphis again.

The list above is long and just installing the flooring may be a bit much for one day. I made a commitment that this Sunday ill make it all happen and as I’m writing at 10:30PM I feel accomplished.

To continue the tradition of getting stuff done here is the 3 step method to getting a lot more done ✅ than you thought you could before.

Step 1 Believe!

Believing you can do anything will empower you to think in a way that will help you actually be able to do anything! And you will automatically challenge yourself to prove to yourself that you can. Believe you can!

Step 2 Make a list!

Write down everything you have to do, then write down everything you want to do ,and then add more things you think you could do if you had enough time in a day.

Step 3 Get Focused!

Pick your task and focus all of your energy on it. If you have focus you will have more energy to complete your task. Focus also helps overcome obstacles and complete your tasks much faster with better results.

At the end of the day… For the record 2-24-2019 I completed my list and I feel super happy and positive about it 🙂 No matter how much stuff is going on you can do it and have a great day!

Follow my blog like the other 5 hundred million and 6 people already do, and change the world one positive thought at a time 🙂


World peace and love ❤

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