The Positivity Challenge Day 7

It’s been a week  since I started the Positivity Challenge and I have already felt the benefits. I have gained a boost in my energy and have become more productive, I have made commitments I have not broken, and the one aspect I’m most excited about is that I didn’t sacrifice any family time. I wanted to share how this challenge is helping me a ton and I’m already mostly a very positive person.

Today is all about finding time to work on your passion. I have recognized that before this Positivity Challenge I used to tell myself I just don’t have time, I’m Too busy, I have priorities, and so on… I kept delaying  my actions and as of this challenge I have done the opposite.

Today I took my own advice and instead of telling myself I don’t have time I told myself I have plenty of time I just didn’t use it correctly.

Now to the positive point and the 3 steps to uncovering time you think you didn’t have…

Step 1 Convince yourself

Tell yourself you have time! Work on your internal self-talk and tell yourself that you have all the time in the world. You will also complete whatever you set out to do because you have the time, energy, and drive to do so.

Step 2 Find Time

Look for opportunities to be productive on your goal. Schedule time pockets you think you can use to get you one step closer to your ultimate happiness goals. If you look for it and you already think you can find it you will 🙂

Step 3 Make your time count!

The time we have now is the only time you will ever have so make good use of it.

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