The Positivity Challenge Day 8

Making ordinary extraordinary in 3 steps.

I’m going to get to the point quick I travel a lot for business and sometimes multiple times to the same places in the middle of nowhere. I want to stay positive so I look at the positive side of everything. This week’s trip to Mississippi is just my example, and this is how I made my trip memorable and extraordinary!

Step 1 Ask How?

I asked myself… How can I enjoy the trip? What can I do different to have fun and ultimately be more productive for work? What will make me remember this trip? How can I blog about this trip and make it fun?

Step 2 Answer How

My answer was… Enjoy the journey by observing everything from a different perspective. Try a new way to do my job. Smile šŸ˜€ as much as possible. Appreciate the time I have in Mississippi and document it by taking pictures.

Step 3 Apply Answers

I smiled more because I told my self to do so. I took pictures as I always do on my trips but this time it felt different because I told myself it would be different šŸ™‚ I was determined to go to new places to eat and take different roads. I was determined to have and extraordinary time.

My trip to Mississippi was extraordinary. It started with the interview I was asked to attend as day 6 describes. Yesterday I worked 12 hours and I made the best of what I had to do for work. Having meetings with an optimistic attitude goes a long way to make everyone more comfortable and productive. I stuck to my schedule and everything was accomplished.

The night ended with an extraordinary dinner at the Forklift. It was very fitting because I work for a Forklift manufacturing company šŸ™‚ As always in great company, experiencing a new place was extraordinary.

The Forklift Atmosphere, cool, I mean hot, fire feature

Extraordinarily simple menu

My drink šŸø being delivered

Love the extraordinary drink

Live music šŸŽ¼

Extraordinary SteakApple Crisp to end the night šŸ™‚

In the evening I took some time to enjoy the sunset from the hotel room and appreciate how extraordinary it is. I’ve seen many sunsets and sunrises but when I took some time to sit back and enjoy the sunset it brought me back to a time when my wife and I experienced the sunsets in Hawaii on our honeymoon seven years ago. Now the memory is extraordinary.

Our family started collecting Starbucks cups so now I have Mississippi. Even the process of getting the Starbucks coffee cup is extraordinary because I think of how happy my wife will be because she will get a new coffee mug and when she drinks her coffee in the morning she can think of me šŸ˜˜ šŸ˜

Mississippi Cup

I have a 2 hour drive to the airport lots of stuff to think about but even the drive was inspiring me to write this blog today. I was watching the road and thinking of a beautiful spring day in the Midwest, because that’s what it felt like, 52 degrees the sun is out and it’s partly cloudy šŸŒ¤ seeing the sun peaking through the clouds made me so happy and the experience of driving was fun for me.

Enjoying the drive

Made it to the Airport

At the airport

Got my full slab of ribs for breakfast šŸ˜‹

Got on the plane šŸ™‚img_3670

I’m on the plane now just thinking about the trip. This trip made me realize how extraordinary everything is no-matter how many times you do something. If you take the time to think about the moments you have in your day and appreciate them it makes the process that much better. Even now I took a picture of me drinking ice-coffee ā˜•ļø

Special request ice-coffee

I’m excited šŸ˜Š to go home to my family and the best part is seeing Molly and Will and Colleen and (Frankenstein our cat šŸˆ)

On this routine trip I made it a point to make it extraordinary. I believe that I’m the luckiest person alive and I’m so happy for the extraordinary experiences I get to have.

World peace āœŒļø and love ā¤ļø

Follow my blog like the other 5 hundred million and 9 people that already do, and change the world one positive thought at a time šŸ™‚



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