The Positivity Challenge Day 9

We don’t have to be perfect! I know I’m not and this could be a wild guess but I don’t think any of us are, except maybe for my kids, because they are my kids and they are perfect 🙂

I have good habits and I have bad habits. One of my bad habits sometimes being a crabby pants when I don’t get my way. Yeah I know I’m all positive and I blog about it but I recognize when I’m tired, I mean I’m crashing because I had a pot of coffee in the morning at 5AM and it wore off by 3PM and my energy dipped like crazy and now I’m supper annoyed by everything all the time no matter what.

Solution to my problem in 3 steps as usual.

Step 1 Recognize

I recognized the pattern of my irritation or lack of positivity and happiness.

Step 2 Acknowledge

I accepted the thing I was doing wrong and did everything in my power to accept it as the truth. It’s who I am and that is what I did.

Step 3 Change

I know what I was doing was not working towards my goal of being a super positive and happy person all the time. I decided to change for the better. Im on my way to breaking the pattern of crashing (no more crabby pants). New strategy for me is to drink less coffee in the morning. Now I’m drinking a normal amount not the entire 12 cup coffee pot in one sitting. Now it’s 2 cups! My energy is more sustainable all morning, and then I drink 2 more cups right before lunch. Now I drink less coffee and have more energy! It’s a very small change but it’s making a big difference.


If you have something that you recognized about yourself and you want to change it do it today! Even the smallest of changes can greatly affect your mood and your outcome for what lies ahead.

Follow my blog like the other 5 hundred million and 9 people that already do, and change the world one positive thought at a time 🙂


World peace and love ❤

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