The Positivity Challenge Day 12

Sunday is here! Looking forward to a busy day. I have much to catch up from yesterday but it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. Right now I’m just watching cartoons with Will. He’s attempting something new, He’s almost holding his own bottle.

I’m thinking about how difficult it is to get started on something or learn how to do something new. I have been dreading working on plumbing in my bathroom because it looks difficult. Me being all positive and stuff for today. I convinced myself to get started. No more excuses! Will was my inspiration, he’s attempting to hold the bottle so I’m going to attempt something new as well.

I got started on the bathroom plumbing and it took me about 3 hours to complete it. I plumbed in new water lines for the shower, sink, and toilet. Wow it wasn’t bad at all. I put of the project for about 2 months now . I just started on other projects which sounded easier. I spent so much time worrying about how I’m going to do it that it just consumed me and my thoughts, every time I went to the basement. So I learned something new today and it’s just to get started and see where I end up 🙂

Here is the unfinished but plumbed bathroom.

On to the 3 step method to starting and maybe possibly completing what you think is a difficult project.

Step 1 Start!

Step 2 Start Now!

Step 3 If you haven’t started yet you have to Get Started Now!

What I learned is that, the hardest part most of the time for me, is to get started. It’s the thought of having to do something I’m just not feeling like doing, that prevents me from getting started. Once I got started hours went by and the project was complete and it was fun. Yay 😁 positive today!!!! 3-3-2019

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World peace and love ❤


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