Positivity Challenge Day 14

Victim mentality or hero personality?

I choose HERO Personality! Today and everyday going forward I decided to live with the mindset of a hero. Anything that happens it’s truly a positive experience. The other night I got only a few hours of sleep. I’m a superhero, I don’t need sleep I have coffee 🙂 I will save the world one positive thought at a time. Everything I do is controlled by how I feel. Feeling like a hero gives me super happy positivity 😃 powers and it makes me feel great!

I’m all about turning those negatives in to positives. My back hurts but its a good thing I worked my back out and it will be stronger tomorrow. Will doesn’t sleep at night, that’s great I get to spend time with him in the morning while mommy sleeps. Reports for work are due now, that’s great I get to show my leader how awesome I am at my job. My car didn’t start, that’s great I get to learn how to fix it (it was a dead battery). Its cold outside, well great I’m inside and its perfect. Its snowing outside, I love snow! It’s snowman time. I’m feeling tired, thats great  I’m glad I’m alive to feel tired 🙂 When I have to do a favor, I’m so happy you believe in me and trust me to do that favor. When I’m dealing with difficult people,  I love it, I’m learning patience. Dealing with positive people, oh that’s just going too far… I have to stop now 😉

The examples above are how I look at the positives. I call it the hero personality. Learn the 3 step method to becoming a hero and save the world one positive thought or action at a time. 

The 3 steps….

Step one 1 

Think like a Hero!

Step 2 

Act like a Hero!

Step 3 

Repeat Positive Actions like a Hero!


Follow my blog like the other 5 hundred million and 14,500 people that already do, and change the world one positive thought at a time 🙂

World peace and love ❤

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