This Blog Wants You To Be A Nice Person For Success

I used to have this thinking about being successful first you get the money then you get the power and respect (Maybe its just a song I remember Iggy Azalea)

This is not the wrong way to look at it but it is a way

There is also another way to look at success and its backwards from the statement above

Get respect first that’s how you succeed!

You want to get respect?

Be a nice person!

Being nice will bring you the respect you deserve

The power will come as a result of being nice

You will become surrounded by people who love you and want to see you succeed

Being surrounded by people who love you gives you the power

Power as defined (the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.) means you can have a greater influence in the world around you

When you have the power to influence you can use that power to make the money

Being a nice person making more money you can help more people!

Can you tell I’m having some really deep thoughts today while working out 🏋️ 😂

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