2020 Goals

I love setting goals, It’s my favorite, I wrote a book about it 😉

For 2020 I have set my goals.

Spend all of my time with family.

Make enough money to meet all of our needs and some wants.

I want to Incorporate both goals to enjoy every moment of my life.

So in short my goal for 2020 is no sacrifice.

Please allow me to explain further…

Everything you believe is only true if you believe so.

I remember being surrounded with people who said something like this below…

It takes hard work if you want to succeed…

You have to sacrifice one thing or another if you want to succeed…

No pain no gain…

That’s all B.S.

If you want to live believing this B.S. then believe it.

If you want to believe that you don’t need to make any sacrifices and achieve the impossible you can!

For 2020 set your goals where you don’t have to make any sacrifices.

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