Happiness Plan

Is this your retirement plan?

We think of retiring at 65 so we can enjoy doing everything we ever wanted. The sad truth is that waiting this long is not fulfilling and it doesn’t make us happy. Almost everyone wants to live a happy life full of adventure every day. So why wait till you are 65.

Set a goal for what makes you happy now

We want to be doing the things we love, have some variety and excitement in our lives. This can be anything we enjoy such as reading books, traveling, playing sports, being your own boss or just having freedom to do anything we want.

Set aside enough resources to meet your needs

Set aside what you need to enjoy the things that make you happy. Set aside time as its most important for the things you love to do and set aside money for what you need to enjoy the things you want to do.

Start living your Happiness Plan today

Your happiness plan must start today. Write down what you want to do and how you plan to do it. This plan can be what you plan for retirement but it doesn’t have to wait till then. Plan to set aside time for the things you enjoy and live happier than ever before starting today.

Need help with your plan contact me now and we can work together to uncover your new happier life 🙂

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