Accountability (Also sales pitch 😂)

Thinking about my life I realized that I’ve had a coach to hold me accountable for doing the things I needed to do. (Can you see where I’m going with this?)

First it was my mom and dad who made sure I did everything. (Reinforcing the idea)

Second it was my teachers with the help of my mom and dad who made sure I completed all my homework and other tasks. (More supporting information)

Then I got a job and my boss coached and held me accountable to make sure we succeeded. (The boss helped me improve my skills so I can get promoted. Yippie!)

Being the best we can be comes down to coaching and accountability! (All of us need a little help to discover how we can be the best)

What about all the goals we set out for ourselves why can’t we get motivated to do anything about them?

We don’t have a resource who will help and certainly hold us accountable! (Maybe you have your person who can help)

The best motivator is ourselves but the difficult part is finding the strategy in ourselves to make that happen. (More information to convince you that you can’t do it on your own and the only way you can succeed is to get a coach)

Since we are all different there is no one way to help everyone. (This just means this has to be personalized by you with the help of your coach)

We have to go through life trying to figure it all out ourselves but we don’t have a clue where to start. (Just want to reinforce how much easier it would be if you had a coach to help you)

Here’s the simple answer… Get a coach to help you. (Reinforcing the best option)

You basically had a coach helping you all of your life so don’t stop now. Hire a professional to help you become the best yourself now.

(Summary of benefits and selling the dream of a perfect you in the future if you get a coach)

Contact me now and I’ll help you create a strategy which works for you so you can keep all of your commitments, get more accomplished, and ultimately live a happier life. (Closing the sale… asking for the sale)

All kidding aside having a great support system in place helps us succeed. If you have a talent use it to help someone and if you want to develop a new talent ask for help.

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