Make More Friends By Doing One Simple Thing

Most of us want to meet new people, find connections, potentially be friends and build relationships. Would it be great if you had the power to make it a reality that when you meet this new person, they want to build a relationship with you?

If you answered yes it would enthusiastically then read on…

Only one step in this process. Find something in common with the person you meet. Talk about only things you both enjoy. Bring positive energy in to the conversation and share each other’s happy stories about something you have in common. This will help build rapport and help in developing a relationship.

Next time you meet someone and they start talking about something you feel strong about in a positive way, keep talking about it and you will become friends, business partners or something more ❤️

Quick tip… If someone is talking about something you don’t agree with change the topic until you both have positive feelings about a new topic.

Make more friends and be happier 😃

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