Live your best life now!

I encourage you to change your life for the positive. You don’t have to do this but read it and see if you like it.

Life fluctuates as things happen. Sometimes the lack of luck 🍀 finds you and you fall on hard times and somehow bad things come in threes so we expect more bad things and shift our focus on everything bad. Guess what more bad things happen and more and more. 

You already know what to do… Focus on good things. Start thinking good thoughts. Stop the doubt and think about what good things can come to you. Think about how you deserve the good things and that you will have them or they will happen to you. 

Here is the exercise you can try. Look around and take note of everything that is blue in your space. 

Now without looking name all the brown things in the space…

 If you’re looking please close your eyes 👀 seriously close them 🫣

You probably can’t remember if you saw anything brown because your focus was on blue. 

What you focus on is what you get. 

Focus on all great things and take notice how your life changes for the better. 

Ignore anything that is bad and change the focus towards the good things. 

Now that you are an expert at good thoughts and great things happening to you send me a message and tell me about it. 

Thank you for reading 📖 this great post. 😊

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