“Wherever you are – be all there.” ~Jim Elliot~

Ever been in a situation where your friend is talking to you and you’re just checking your phone or texting at the same time. Then you misheard something and didn’t even understand the context of the conversation. Suddenly it got awkward and maybe you started a heated debate about something that didn’t even matter because you didn’t quite understand them. Feelings got hurt and things were said but all of this could have been avoided only if you would have been all there and engaged in the conversation.

As time has changed and technology got better. It seems that our attention spans became much worse. We can’t focus on one thing anymore. We must text at the same time we are talking. We must talk or text on the phone while we drive. At work, we must compile reports while we are in meetings. We must do two or more tasks to be considered productive. It seems that we are becoming more productive and we are doing so much more.

It appears to be that all this multitasking is making things worse. Its making us all think about being productive and ensuring we get more and more done every day. We must do more work, more socializing, more learning, more of everything and it must be done at the same time. It seems as if all this multitasking is burning us out and making us unhappy. All this multitasking is also ruining our productivity and degrading our relationships.

When we multitask, were not really multitasking were just putting one thing on hold while we do the other. I don’t care if you can text while looking directly in to my eyes, that doesn’t mean you are listening to me and thinking of what you are typing at the same time. Same goes for meetings at work where everyone brings their laptops, phones, iPads and then chat, write reports, or do anything else besides paying attention in the meeting. Both scenarios create misunderstandings and make it harder for those who are paying attention.

Multitasking creates more problems but we can fix it and become a happier community. Now we know that multitasking is just doing one thing at a time while placing the other task on hold. We can start to focus on one task at a time if it’s a conversation, a meeting, driving your car, a project at work or school just focus on that one task. You will save time and avoid any misunderstandings that need explaining, car accidents, and complete your projects faster which will lead you to a happier life.

Multitasking is great for goal setting and projects that take a long time to complete. You can place one thing on hold while you wait and start another. I personally love multitasking. The only thing is, it is to remember when multitasking is appropriate.

Thank you for reading my blog about committing to one task and being happy.

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  1. Focus is indeed the key. I agree with you on the fact that multitasking is great, but only if applied appropriately. Great post once again Tadas. Keep them coming.👍✌


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