Keep It Simple and Be Happy :)

I’m keeping it simple for now and it’s making me happy. Now that I understand this concept I want to share it with you. Simple is easy to understand and easy to deal with. Here are 3 ways to simplify your life which may help reduce stress, wasted time, and make you happier.

#1 Be honest

Honesty makes it simple. It helps prevent any misunderstandings and resolves issues immediately. If you don’t like something say so, If you do say it too. Think about a time when you didn’t understand something that someone said and there was confusion. Stop beating around the bush and spit it out. Being honest does help communicate much more efficiently and it makes life simple. Simplify your life by being honest.

#2 Get Organized 

Ever wasted a whole day trying to find something? I have spent an entire day looking for a hammer to drive a nail to hang a picture, a pen to write something down, a Band-Aid, a post it note, and many other things. The point is if you’re organized you should have a place for everything you own and it will be easy to find. Best advice is to de-clutter as much as possible and organize your stuff. It will be easy to find what you need and you won’t stress for hours if you can’t find something. Simplify your life by organizing.

#3 Have a Routine and Plan Ahead  

Sometimes we get out of our routine and life feels much more stressful. Something comes up all the time and then we lose sleep, forget to be somewhere, always late to everything, and have to rush and stress. Life could be much simpler if you have a routine and then plan ahead around it. Then it will give you the time to do what you need to do and help you stay within your limits so you can enjoy life instead of always fighting time. Simplify your life by planning.

These are only 3 things that simplify my life and help me the most to keep things simple. Thank you for reading my blog about simplifying and being happier. If you have something that helps you make your life simpler please share it in the comments below 😊


  1. This is a great post, Tadas. Planning ahead helps us stay organised, and most likely meet our set objectives in all honesty. Thus, we are more fulfilled daily.😄

    Thanks for sharing this post. Do have a great weekend.👍


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