The Positivity Challenge Day 16

Sixteen days of positivity have been awesome!

I am soooooooooooooo…


Today is about energy and more specifically POSITIVE ENERGY!

I have never been this EXCITED!😆


Are you wondering why?…

I have a purpose which I know I will accomplish and the steps I’m taking everyday have me Super Duper Motivated.

I have the support of my family and friends. Thank you 😊 ❤️🌎✌️

The reason I’m so pumped up now is probably due to this great workout but also I’m learning more and more everyday about ENJOYING THE PROCESS of getting to my ULTIMATE HAPPINESS GOAL!!!!

3 steps to sustained positive energy and excitement!

Step 1

Find your passion

Step 2

Celebrate daily successes

Step 3

Remember it’s a journey and repeat step 2 😊😁

For today’s achievement…

I worked out as usual…

Wrote this blog…

Mixed and poured concrete for the bathroom floor…

I took one more step towards my ultimate happiness goal which is becoming an inspiration to everyone I meet to be more positive 😁

It’s only 7AM and I have plenty of time to do more today.

Follow my blog like the other 5 hundred million and 14,600 people that already do, and change the world one positive thought at a time 😉

World peace and love ❤️

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